Members of the SPRS are all volunteers and come from a variety of backgrounds both trade based and professional.

There are currently 25+ such members.  21 of these are actively involved in rescue operations in varying capacities. Active members must be medically and physically fit.

Members are “called out” to attend emergency situations through a paging system using mobile phones.

Such situations may include searching for missing boats, swimmers / divers and providing assistance to boat owners when their vessels have broken down or run aground.

Training is provided for members in safe boating, boat handling, first aid, marine radio operation, navigation, search and rescue techniques etc. Selected members can progress to be trained as Boat Skippers.  

There are no joining or membership fees

The only cost to new members is for a medical examination. Each new member is provided with an SPRS Polo Shirt and Cap.  Full training is provided at no cost to members,

New member applications are presented to the Committee of Management for ratification after a probationary period of approximately 3 months, during which time a prospective member must have shown a commitment to participate regularly in SPRS activities.

The Southern Peninsula Rescue Squad welcomes new members and we trust that you will consider joining us in the near future.


Crew on board both boats


For further information about becoming a member of the SPRS please contact us on:

Mobile: 0458 143 041   or  Email: