Trip Preparation

  • Have you checked the weather forecasts and actual conditions for the area in which you will be boating? 
  • Is your boat still in good condition and all system fully operational?
  • Have you told someone where you are going and when you except to return?
  • Do you  know how many adults/children can be legally carried in your boat?
  • Do you have sufficient life jackets for all members on board?
  • Is your mobile phone fully charged and stored in a dry location?
  • Do you have sufficient fuel for for the trip? (1/3 to get there, 1/3 to return and 1/3 in reserve)
  • Have you sufficient food and water for all on board and enough for possible emergencies?
  • Have you included a complete first aid kit?
  • Have all on board got adequate clothing for a change in the weather?

Think about what you would do if an emergency situation arose – it’s better to be prepared 

Do you know how to contact emergency services if you need to?

Phone 000 – Water Police

Phone 0417 038 944 – SPRS

VHF Radio Call Channel 16

27 MHz radio Call Channel 88

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