Southern Peninsula Rescue Squad

Eileen Murray awarded an Emergency Services Medal (ESM)

Ms Murray has been an active member of Marine Search and Rescue Victoria at the Southern Peninsula Rescue Squad (SPRS) on the Mornington Peninsula for 18 years.  She has participated in many boat rescues and emergency call outs during her service. She is regularly rostered as a member of the SPRS and responds efficiently to any emergencies that arise. 
She has also played a support role in many events such as the Portsea Swim and Sorrento Swim.  She has trained a number of rescue crews to ensure availability to assist with marine search and rescues and has also trained squad members in first aid. During her 14 years as President, she maintained the emergency phone which was approximately 700 call outs, and led major changes at the squad, including the relocation from Sorrento to Blairgowrie, and the shift from helicopters to rescue boats.
Ms Murray’s tireless contribution to the SPRS, her commitment to Marine Search and Rescue Victoria, and to the safety of her community, are of the highest order.

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